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Angel Readings

$120 for One hour
(reading can be recorded)

How it works for me

I always ask the advice of my Guardian Angels before pursuing any decision in my life whether major or minor. It is very important for me to be in control of my life and how I help myself to do this is by having a second opinion from a much higher source. We all choose our Guardian Angels, the spirits that will help us through out our journey in life. We chose them specifically because they are the ones best suited to help us in every situation. Someone once told me: When you're happy your, angels walk beside you, but when your down the only reason your still walking is because your angels are holding you up. That is the ability they have to help you in times of need. But they are always there for you. I keep my connection with my Angels open continuously. I do not need any special requirements in order to do this and find the information comes to me effortlessly.

How I channel a psychic reading for you

When some one asks me to channel on their behalf I ask my Angels to establish a connection with their Angels and relay back to me. I only ever tell you exactly what has been said. They have the best possible advice for you and I understand and respect this.

What would you like to know?

There is no question too big or too small. I can always get information for you, regardless of the severity of the matter. I can help you with relationships, career, financial concerns and more.

Readings by Email

By Phone / In-Person

Readings by Skype or Phone,
or In-Person (Seattle)

By Email

To set an appointment, call or email Heidi

(206) 465-2024


I highly recommend Heidi to anyone who is having questions about Life and wants to get clarity. Her readings are very insightful and have helped me reduce my worries about things that are not in my control. She has helped me to trust myself and shares tools and exercises to increase self awareness.

Lisa, Bellevue

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