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Learn to Channel

$25 per class

Online Classes

My classes are designed to help anyone interested in channeling, giving readings, Guides, Angels and spiritual growth. Regardless of your current level, each class will help you connect more effectively with your Guides and Angels to make you a better channel.

Use this in your channeling career, with other therapies where you work with guides and energy, or for your own personal connection to your guides and angels.

How it works

I enter trance at the start of each class and channel my own guides for the duration of the class. You can’t get more expert advice on how to channel your guides, than from another guide!

Classes are run using Zoom so you can join on a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Your Questions Answered

In each class, time permitting, I endeavor to answer questions you have about your technique.

Schedule and Commitment

Classes are run every two weeks. Join us when you can and only pay for the classes you join. There is no commitment required on your part. Simply pay below and you will receive a link to the next class.

If your need the link to be sent to a different address than what you use for PayPal, let me know by email me after you make the payment.

If you cannot make a class your payment will be held to cover the next class you do attend. Please do let me know in advance so I know who to expect online.

Pay $25 for the next class

Next Class

May 28, 2018 at 7:30pm PDT

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